Head Office

Location: Tallinn, Estonia


Project: Cable Overpass

Location: Vaivara Vald, Estonia


Project: Baryte Pressure Vessel

Location: Tallinn, Estonia


Project: Loo-Maardu Heating Main

Location: Loo, Maardu, Estonia


Project: Сyclones

Location: Tallinn, Estonia


Project: Biomega Plant

Location: Bergen, Norway


Project: Screw Conveyor

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

APL Production — one of leaders of manufacture metal construction and devices from metal in Estonia.

The joint-stock company with the authorized capital 63,000 EUR beginning the activity in 1996.

APL Production AS lets out wide assortment of standard and special products from different steel groups and aluminum. Our production is applied in various spheres of manufacture, in construction and furnish of industrial and office buildings, pipelines, oil terminals, in hydro engineering constructions, in power industry and biotechnology industry.

The full complex of manufactures occupies about eight thousand square meters of floor spaces. The enterprise has an engineering department, a quality department, a manufacturing department, an installation department and an administrative department.

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Building and installation works
Installation of technological systems
Quality Department
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