• Hansapank AS

    Centrtal Finance and Contracting Unit
    Ministry of Finance

    Tumo Vaizganto g. A8/2
    LT-2600 Vilnius


    Letter of Reference

    Constituting no guarantees or obligations on our part.

    Dear Sirs,

    At the request of client, AS APL Production, we, AS Hansapank, registration No. 10060701, having our registered office at Liivalaia 8, 15040, Tallinn, Estonia have a great pleasure in supplying the following information about the client.

    AS APL Production is a company registered at Valdeku 109h, 11216, Tallinn, Estonia under registration No. 10040070, and has with us current account No. 221010373933.

    AS APL Production has a possibility to use the account for Estonian kroons transactions and deposits as well as for the transactions in major foreign currencies.

    AS APL Production is working succesfully and is in a sound financial position. The company is under respectable and capable management and has fulfilled its financial obligations towards the bank always in due time.

    We do not have any outstanding claims against AS APL Production and we are glad to recommend the client for businessconnection.

    In order to get more information please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

    Best regards,

    Mihkel Hollo
    Client Executive
    Business Banking Department
    Phone (+372) 6133323
    Fax (+372) 6131193

  • Trendgate AS

    Letter of Recommendation

    We are pleased to inform that company APL Production AS and its daughter company Meteko have completed construction works for our company building oil terminal in the period of summer 2004 until summer 2005.

    They have been building supporters, pipelines of different dimensions for example DN 50 — DN 900 and technological pipelines for light and dark oil products.

    Works have been done in time, with high quality and according to the technical conditions.

    We are satisfied with our cooperation and would like to recommend the abovementioned companies for cooperation.

    In order to get more information please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

    Best regards,

    Teet Nurmeoja
    Director of the Terminal

    AS Trendgate
    Ahtri 8, Tallinn, 10151, Estonia.
    Phone (+372) 6805800
    Fax (+372) 6805801
    E-mail: info@trendgate.ee

  • Permarine AS

    Letter of Recommendation

    This is to confirm that the undersigned representative of the Norwegian engineering and trading company PERMARINE AS has been doing business with said Estonian firm of APL Production AS for appr. 6-7 years.

    The orders they have manufactured for us consist amongst other of:

    • several components for the subsea installations of the Norwegian oil industry;
    • hydraulically operated supports for a floating dock (maritime industry);
    • dam gate for hydropower station;
    • crushing machine for sea weed (to extract special plant ingredients);
    • stainless steel tanks, cutters, hoppers, etc. for the seafood industry (especially caviar production, based on the capelin species);
    • hydraulically operated filtration units and skids for the oil industry, pressure vessels, pump shits and manifolds, all in stainless steel;
    • propeller wells (for ship newbuilding);
    • steel frame(s) for the aluminium industry.

    The above components involve machining to very strict tolerances, sometimes sophisticated surface protection (painting, galvanizing) and/or stainless steel with pickling/passivation/polishing.

    The co-operation with APL Production AS has always been pleasure, since they have a real high quality level, an extremely high standard of finish and keep their delivery times quite well also.

    Their staff on all levels seem to be well competent and motivated for their miscellaneous tasks.

    We can therefore recommend APL Production AS as a company of very high standing, which will do your job correctly and according to the contract.

    Should you need any further references or information, the undersigned will gladly help you.

    Per Otto Breivik
    Skoleveien 2, NO-6520 Frei, Norway
    Phone: +4771525591;
    Mobile: +4795938826;
    Fax: +4771525203

  • EBM Grupp AS

    Letter of Recommendation

    Here by we inform you, that we have experience of work with company APL Production AS and we can recommend you it for cooperation.

    In the period since May till November, 2000 the company APL Production carried out works on object Paljassaare and took part in designing, has produced and has installed technological parts of pipelines from stainless and stainless tanks in volume up to 400 m3. The works were executed with high quality.

    Sincerely yours,

    Svjatoslav Puntussov
    Managing Director
    Phone: (+372) 6559040
    Fax: (+372) 6559 041
    Mobile: (+372) 5027055
    E-mail: ebm@hot.ee

    KMKR No.EE100615942
    Paljassaare tee 41,
    Tallinn, 10313, Estonia.

  • Termoil AS

    This letter is intended to serve as a recommendation letter for APL Production.

    When APL Production requested me for a letter of recommendation, I didn`t hesitate a second to do this for them. I`ve worked together with APL Production in some major projects over the last two years and I`m very satisfied with the performances of this company.

    We had co-operation with APL Production on following projects:

    Cross country pipeline project: Construction of new piggable, pipeline with a diameter of 36″ and 7.5 km long. The works started in January 2005 and the pipeline was operational on the 12-th of May 2005. It was successfull tested at 45 barg.

    New pump system: Installation of four new deep well pumps for a total pumping capacity of 5000 m3/ and related piping system.

    New transfer station in the port area and installation of an additional 36″ piggable pipeline to a berth.

    APL Production is a professional company with a lot of competence. They have high qualified and experienced personnel in all disciplines.

    I can highly recommend APL Production as a contractor for your projects.

    Best regards,

    Martine Borghs
    AS Termoil
    Director of Engineering
    Member of the Board

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